Camera Falls From Sky, Lands in Pigpen, Films the Whole Thing

For GoPro's next magic trick, it will drop from a plane, land in a pigpen, survive for eight months, and live to show us the footage.

This video is not for the faint of heart if heights, spinning cameras, and the back of a pig's tongue aren't their thing.

Mia Munselle uploaded the 70-second clip to YouTube. The camera wasn't hers, but she found it on her property after it dropped from an airplane. Apparently its former owner was about to dive out of said plane before losing the handle of the GoPro.

About 13 seconds into the video, the camera twirls into a 30-second free fall. It lands lens-up in a pigpen and piques the curiosity of at least one animal. Just seconds after the camera lands, the pig walks over and inspects the gadget. For 20 seconds, the pig sniffs and licks the lens before the clip stops.

Actor Wil Wheaton commented, "This is the best commercial for GoPro they never knew existed." He might be on to something. A commenter on YouTube was also suspicious, writing, "What are the odds of a camera falling that far and landing face up without getting a spec of dirt or mud on the lens?" Others just hoped for the original uploader to come back and reassure the doubters that it was legit. The video went live Sunday and already has more than a million views.

While some speculate the video might be a fake, others argue to the contrary. YouTube user David Kelly wrote on the page, "Why do so many people think it's fake? PEOPLE have survived falls from planes when their parachutes failed, why shouldn't a camera survive falling into the soft mud of a pig pen?"

Regardless, it seems both humans and animals alike are intrigued by the small device that seemingly has no limits when it comes to filming the outdoors.