Brooklyn Man Uses Clever Web Music Video to Help With Roommate Search

Mia Trovato
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Some people turn to the Internet to find a like-minded roommate, especially in New York. Jonathan Mann of Brooklyn has taken the online search a step further. In addition to posting an ad on Craigslist, Mann wrote a song about his apartment and the room he has available for rent.

For Mann, writing songs and making videos is second nature. He has written and recorded one song every day since January 2009, and posting them on his popular YouTube channel. He even raised enough money via Kickstarter to fund a "song-a-day" album.

This roommate-search ditty, called "Come Live With Me in Brooklyn," is approximately his 1,500th creation. Subscribers might have a little insight into why he's looking for someone to share the rent. Back in December, he and his ex-girlfriend recorded a breakup song detailing the reasons for their split. The video of the song promptly went viral.

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