‘Bridesmaids’ Surprise Debut, the Risk of ‘Planking,’ and O’Reilly vs. Stewart

Adriana Diaz

There was a big surprise at the box office this weekend. "Bridesmaids" came out as the weekend's second most popular movie, after "Thor." The success is thanks in part to social media buzz about the movie. The film, which features and was co-written by "SNL" cast member Kristen Wiig, has created a stir on Facebook and Twitter, where people are supporting the movie made by women that's for women. Moviegoers tweeted about long lines, sold-out shows, and the movie's hilarity. The flick pulled in $24.4 million over the weekend, far surpassing the $15 million to $17 million that movie analysts expected.

A social media phenomenon has turned deadly. A 20-year-old man in Australia died this weekend while "planking," an act that involves taking a photo of someone lying face-down in an unusual, and at times dangerous, position. The risky activity has created a craze in social media. In less than a week, the Facebook page for "planking" grew from 10,000 fans to more than 100,000. Police worry that the fad may spin out of control and warn plankers of the deadly danger.

Lastly, an update to a story we told you about last week about rapper Common's highly disputed invitation to the White House. Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly will debate Jon Stewart about the controversy tonight on the "O'Reilly Factor." O'Reilly has spoken out against Common's invitation because he says Common's lyrics celebrate violence. On the "Daily Show," Stewart has said that O'Reilly's comments are hypocritical because President George W. Bush also invited artists whose songs feature violent lyrics. Stewart noted that Johnny Cash, who once sang that he "shot a man in Reno just to watch him die," visited the White House in 2002.

If you saw "Bridesmaids," what did you think? Had you ever heard about planking? Where do you stand on Common's invitation controversy, with O'Reilly or Stewart?

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