Boulder Resident Plays Piano in Flood-Damaged Home

Mia Trovato
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As historic floods destroyed parts of Boulder, Colo., more than 16,000 families were evacuated. Mark Changaris is one of them. He and his roommate, Stephen Smith, shot a video of the raging waters overtaking their home, and then his brother uploaded it to YouTube. Once the waters stopped, Mark did something out of the ordinary during such a moment. He sat down at a piano inside their home and played a moving song. If you watch the video, you might recognize the tune -- “Mad World” by the band Tears for Fears, an appropriate song for the moment that was made famous by Gary Jules' cover on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Mark and Stephen are safe and staying with friends and family. The flood left their home badly damaged, with mud piled up on the floors. Mark says of the harrowing experience, “The community support has been overwhelming, and the silver lining of this whole episode has been to remind me how truly giving people can be and how lucky we are to be surrounded by people we love.” For a truly haunting effect, try playing both videos at the same time. 

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