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A former NFL quarterback dies too young. A prehistoric feathered beast emerges to its rightful place in history. Dangerous fishing in the Bering Sea returns for its 100th episode. See what else is in the Web limelight.


  • Blair Kiel: The former Notre Dame and NFL quarterback died Sunday at the age of 50. The cause of death has yet to be determined. His nephew, Gunner Kiel, is also a quarterback for Notre Dame, and was one of this year's top freshman recruits.
  • Shaggy Tyrannosaur: A newly unearthed, 3,086-pound shaggy tyrannosaur has been crowned the world's largest known feathered animal -- living or extinct -- according to a paper in the latest issue of Nature. Yutyrannus huali or "beautiful feathered tyrant," lived about 125 million years ago in northeastern China. -- Discovery News
  • Deadliest Catch: The Emmy Award-winning Discovery Channel reality show about Alaskan fishermen airs its 100th episode in its Season 8 premiere Tuesday.


  • Rick Warren: The Saddleback Church pastor and best-selling author appeared on ABC's "This Week," to talk politics, including the debate over birth control coverage in health insurance, the "coarsening of our culture and the loss of civility" and the need for "unity."
  • Cardinal Timothy Dolan: The New York archbishop appeared on "Face the Nation" to condemn President Obama's contraception policy and declared that the "government is intruding into the life of faith." His appearance followed a public resignation by a church charity board member who decried the cardinals for ignoring a "call to help" for gay homeless youths and creating a "climate where parents turn on their own children."
  • Thomas Kinkade: An autopsy will be performed today on the famous American painter, who died at age 54 on April 6. He had previously suffered from alcohol abuse.
  • Titanic Documentary: In honor of the Titanic's 100th anniversary, National Geographic's TV channel launched "Titanic: The Final Word" with host James Cameron on Sunday. The second part, "Save the Titanic with Bob Ballard," airs Monday featuring the man who found the shipwreck. The documentary also says that the mission to find the wreck was actually an undercover U.S. military operation.
  • Mac Virus: A Mac virus called Flashback infected an estimated 600,000 Macs. Apple released a patch but the malware issue highlighted that "Mac is not impenetrable to threats."
  • Mike Wallace: The legendary CBS News broadcaster, interviewer and "60 Minutes" icon, died Sunday at age 93. No cause of death or funeral announcements have been yet made.
  • C. Difficile: Still buzzing, the story of a desperate 66-year Nova Scotia man who, suffering from a bacterial infection Clostridium difficile, performed a fecal transplant himself when his hospital delayed the procedure. The infection occurred after a routine surgery. Fecal bacteriotherapy has been shown to be effective.


  • Ridiculously Photogenic Guy: Zed Little, the runner caught handsome in a South Carolina 10K race, now has more than 31,000 Facebook subscribers, more than 26,000 Twitter followers, more than a million views on Flickr and other news sites. Identified as a PR guy now living in New York and has received ad offers. People in search of "ridiculous photogenic guy" on Yahoo! Search break down 55% female, 45% male.
  • Nurse Jackie: The fourth season debuted on Showtime Sunday night, opening with a major twist for Edie Falco's character.
  • The Borgias: The second season of the Showtime drama premiered last night.
  • Yolo: The acronym for "You Only Live Once," is a newish mantra adopted by Zac Efron, who recently debuted his new tattoo with the letters "YOLO" on his hand. Rappers Lil Wayne and Drake made the phrase famous with their songs about living once and living for the moment.


  • Sofia Vergara: The "Modern Family" star played Fran Drescher, a Santa Barbara news anchor, and a clueless reporter thrown into the middle of "The Hunger Games" in her first time hosting "Saturday Night Live." Related searches: sofia vergara nude, sofia vergara snl, snl
  • Anne Hathaway: The drastic haircut for her role in "Les Miserables" was turning heads over the weekend.
  • Jake Owen: The country singer proposed to his girlfriend, Lacey Buchanan, on Saturday in concert in front of family, friends and fans.


  • Bubba Watson: The 33-year old executed the fourth double-eagle ever in Masters history to beat South Africa's Louis Oosthuizen in the 2012 golf tournament, and may be golf's next pin-up boy. Related searches: bubba watson biography, the masters, oosthuizen louis, albatross, bubba watson's shot
  • NHL Playoffs: The NHL schedule for the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs Quarterfinals has been released.
  • Carmelo Anthony: The Knicks forward scored 43 points on Sunday night in a game beating the Bulls, 100-99, in overtime.
  • Ozzie Guillen: The Florida Marlins manager is set to fly to Miami Tuesday to apologize to Spanish-language broadcasters for remarks he made in a Time Magazine interview regarding his respect for Fidel Castro.
  • Jamie Moyer: The 49-year-old made baseball history on Thursday by becoming the oldest starting pitcher to make an Opening Day roster.
  • Warren Sapp: The former defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders filed for bankruptcy on March 30th.  He is said to owe more than $6.7 million to creditors and back child support and alimony.


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