Black Bear Caught on Camera Sleeping on Family's Lanai

Mia Trovato
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You all know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Well, today's story is a twist on that famous tale. The MacDonough family in Naples, Florida, had an unexpected guest over to their enclosed patio. An approximately eight-foot black bear broke through the screened-in pool area during a rainstorm. This video was shot from inside the home by a frightened babysitter taking care of the MacDonoughs' children. The bear spent about an hour hanging out on the MacDonoughs' property and appeared to fall asleep. Then, it just got up and walked off. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says the bear was looking for a dry place to take a nap but did not appear to be afraid of humans. Given that the bear could threaten the lives of people in the area, a trap was set by the Florida fish and wildlife authorities to capture it. Once it's captured, the FWC says the bear will have to be euthanized. That's troubling news for Alice MacDonough, who says of her uninvited houseguest, "This is their habitat; we're invading their area. They need a place to run and to roam."