Biker attaches GoPro camera to ram, gets pummeled

Mia Trovato
October 18, 2013
Biker attaches GoPro camera to ram, gets pummeled

Ever since the inception of the GoPro camera, adventure seekers have been strapping the action-recording device to all kinds of subjects, including animals, to get a first-hand perspective of someone or something else's life. Most of the time it goes just fine, like with eagles, dogs, and sea turtles, but what about when it backfires? Well just that type situation was caught on camera in Nelson, New Zealand.

Off-road biker Budd Hanz uploaded a video of a ram attacking him during a ride. Commenters on YouTube suggested he attach a GoPro camera to the ram's back on his next go around, and somehow he was able to do it. The results of that risky act are exactly what you might expect. First it captures the ram enjoying some lunch. But then the ram charges at Budd over and over again, even knocking him over. On top of the damage to Budd, his bike did not fare too well in the rumble, either. Ouch!

Note to self: The "ram cam" is not a good idea. Also, we feel bad for that poor ram. Tell us what you think about the "ram cam" on our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter at @YahooTrending.