Beauty Queen Makes Millions in Scam and Woman Forced To Sit In The Back Of A Bus

Adriana Diaz

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Even though beauty pageant queens are known for their philanthropy and goodwill, Mrs. Nevada 2006 has put a crack in the crown. Juliette Kimoto, who is a mother of six, allegedly conned tens of thousands of people out of more than $30 million in online fraud schemes. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Kimoto owned four Web businesses including a bogus work-at-home program, a fake government grants service, and a dietary supplement company that falsely said it was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. The former Mrs. Nevada told authorities that her husband, Kyle Kimoto, opened the companies in her name. Mr. Kimoto, who was incidentally named "husband of the year" at the same 2006 pageant, is already serving 29 years in prison for scamming hundreds of thousands of people out of more than $40 million. As part of Mrs. Kimoto's settlement with the FTC, she's banned from selling any products online related to her charges and has been forced to give up personal assets including a 1967 Camaro, jewelry, and other items valued at $130,000.

New York City and the Web are in an uproar after the Columbia University paper the New York World reported that a woman was forced to sit in the back of a bus. At first glance, the B110 bus that runs through Brooklyn looks like most other buses in New York. But even though it's technically a public bus, it's run by a private transportation company with an agreement with the city. Since the bus runs through two largely Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, a board of rabbis sets the rules. That's why the bus doesn't run on the Sabbath (on Friday nights or Saturdays) and also why it forces women to sit in the back. Orthodox Jewish law states that men must be separated from women. A number of blogs and media outlets picked up on the story, and now New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is threatening to shut the bus line down. He said gender separation is "not permitted" and if they want a private bus they can "go rent a bus and do what you want with it."

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