Band Creates First-Ever Music Video Made Entirely with Instagram

Melissa Knowles
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Instagram is arguably one of the coolest inventions of the last couple of years for smartphones. Some people might even say that it has revolutionized the way people share photos on social media. The premier feature, which allows users to add different filters to photos that enhance the colors and shading, is wildly popular. So popular, in fact, that the Mexico City band The Plastics Revolution are making Instagram an art form.

With their latest music video "Invasión," the band claims to have released the first-ever video that uses all Instagram-generated images. The look is pretty impressive. Filmmaker Arturo Perez Jr. put together the video using 1,905 images taken around San Francisco. Each picture was run through one of the many Instagram filters on an iPhone. It's unclear whether the photos were all actually taken with an iPhone.

The video features a young man who finds a map in a bottle on the beach as he awakens to find himself floating on his bed in the ocean. He meets a pretty girl on the beach and they go on an adventure together.

So far, the video is garnering huge buzz (and not just because it's a catchy tune). People are calling it "awesome" and "epic." It was uploaded two weeks ago, and is steadily gaining traction as more people ask the band about which filters it used for the images and how long the process took. The band responded to some of the comments, writing that they had mostly used "Amaro, Rise, X-pro II, Brannan, Nashville, and 1977."

Many commenters are also impressed with the concept, content, storyline, and editing of the images. While this may be the first-ever music video created solely using Instagram, The Plastics Revolution may have started a trend.

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Invasión - The Plastics Revolution (Video oficial/Official Music Video) from The Plastics Revolution on Vimeo.