Baby Discovers How to Use Eyebrows

Ralphie Aversa

Your case of the Mondays is about to vanish after watching an adorable video of a baby discovering that he can move his eyebrows.

Lucas MacEochaidh uploaded the clip of his nephew, Leon, to YouTube on Friday, and in just 45 seconds, this delightful baby boy is melting hearts across the Internet.

In the video, Lucas, his sister, Rebecca, and her baby, Leon, are standing in the bathroom. The baby looks at the phone and then glances in the mirror. Then, Leon raises his eyebrows to offer a surprised expression. He is cracked up by the fact that he is able to make a funny face by lifting his eyebrows, and he begins laughing hysterically.

He repeats the process several times over and is equally enthused every time he raises his eyebrows, and his family seems to be getting a kick out of it too.

"Baby Leon discovers his eyebrows" is at 477,000 views online and is quickly climbing toward a half million hits. Cute, fantastic, and priceless are adjectives that commenters are using to describe the video. Some YouTube users want Lucas to publish another clip online when baby Leon learns how to snap his fingers or wink. A few people also noted how infectious Leon's laugh is.

We hope this is not the last we'll see of Leon because unfortunately, our case of the Mondays is scheduled to return next week.