Awesome Magic Trick Prank Gives Pizza Deliverymen Surprise Tips

Henry Baker

"Pranking" doesn't usually inspire feelings of warmth and charity. But apparently, as YouTube prankster Stuart Edge demonstrates in a new video, it can do so at times. Edge recently caught heat for an ill-advised video in which he "sweeps girls off their feet." It received criticism because it showed Edge invading random women's personal space. But his latest video, in which he employs some magic to surprise pizza deliverers, is a welcome change, and one only need look at the reactions of the delivery people themselves to know that's true.

The trick itself is rather simple and can be learned here. Commenters were complimentary about Edge's "prank." Edge himself noted in the description that "when I found out pizza deliverers can make as little as $4.00 an hour in Utah, I wanted to help out." It looks as if it worked.

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