Australian Teen Rescued During Flooding Caught On Video

Melissa Knowles

Significant rainfall caused by tropical cyclone Oswald has resulted in destructive flood waters across Queensland, Australia. In fact, since Thursday night, there have been reports of about 20 water related rescues. A new video of a dramatic rescue of a teenager has emerged.

The rescue took place in the coastal town of Rockhampton and the teen can be seen clinging to a tree as raging waters threaten to sweep him away. Then, just as one of the emergency workers is attempting to save the teen and pull him to safety, he is pulled from the boy by the strong currents of the water and he is taken toward a bridge. There is video of the entire harrowing encounter.

Then, miraculously, the emergency workers are able to pluck the teen from the rushing water. The rescue workers and the soaking wet teen make their way away from the water and toward safer ground. The final images in the video are of the teen safely out of the water boarding an ambulance and out of harms way.

Torrential downpours and severe weather, flood and strong wind warnings remain in effect for the area. The people of Queensland are urged to use caution during this intense storm surge.

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