Artist Turns Car Into Rolling Chalkboard

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Owning a car can be nerve-racking. Keeping the thing clean is a pursuit that takes a lot of energy, especially in a big city. One artist, though, is inviting people to make their mark on his automobile, and inspiring some creativity along the way. Philip Romano slapped a coat of special paint on his 2004 Hyundai to turn it into a moving chalkboard recently. Since then, he has been driving around New York City inviting people to take turns writing whatever they wish on the exterior.

Last Thursday, Romano parked it outside of the Museum of Modern Art, where it attracted a horde of people waiting to create some chalk art. Passersby swarmed the automobile, adding drawings and phrases. Romano even got attention from Fox 5 News, who interviewed him about the endeavor. Asked about the reason for the project, he said, "I just had the idea a few years ago, that when I got my first car, I wanted it to be an old used car, and I wanted to cover it in chalkboard paint and let people draw all over it." Simple enough!

Romano even added a custom state license plate, which reads "DRAWONME." If the delighted faces of the people giving it a try are any indication, it looks like Romano has struck a chalk-chord with amateur artists.