Artist’s Photorealistic Drawing Video Becomes a Big Hit

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Last week we told you about Samuel Silva, whose purportedly hand-drawn ballpoint pen sketches have wowed a lot of people on the Internet. His portrait of a Russian model was so photorealistic that many people doubted he could have done it by hand, and further, that he'd used only ballpoint pens. The real story behind his drawings has yet to be revealed.

This week, artist Mark Crilley is becoming a sensation for doing a similar kind of realistic art, but in this case, anyone can watch him do it every step of the way. In his recent YouTube video, "Realism Challenge #3: Playing Card," Crilley tapes himself, start to finish, as he draws a lifelike version of a torn playing card. As one top comment on YouTube put it, "The truth is the drawing looks even more realistic than the real [one]."

Mark Crilley's YouTube videos have been popular before, but this one has really taken off. Today, less than a week after uploading the video, Crilley is nearing 2.5 million views. That's what you get when you show your work.