The Web Applauds Gingerbread Reenactment of ‘The Hunger Games’

Melissa Knowles

"The Hunger Games" was one of the most popular action blockbusters of 2012, and one group of fans has found a unique way to pay tribute to the movie in the form of a re-enactment -- a gingerbread re-enactment. A blog by Lee Mimms called Forever Young Adult created "A Gingerbread Reinterpretation of The Hunger Games." Think of it as the movie with gingerbread men and women in place of the actors. Mimm creates food with young-adult literature themes for her blog, and her latest installment has people taking notice.

Just as the real characters behave in the film, the gingerbread men and women are introduced one by one as the "tributes." Each character has its own silly voice-over as scenes from the movie are creatively interpreted and acted out. The re-enactment continues all the way through to the final scene of the film.

Mimms's lighthearted creation has lots of fans, with commenters describing the work as a "cinematic masterpiece" and "the best re-enactment ever."

This is not Mimms's first creative interpretation of a popular movie or book. She has also posted videos about "Twilight," "Lord of the Rings," "Pride and Prejudice," and "Harry Potter." With recent additions to the "Twilight" series, and upcoming new releases of the "Hunger Games" trilogy, Mimms's creative interpretations will likely not be far behind.

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Gingerbread Games from Lee M. on Vimeo.