Angler Catches Amazing Dolphin Video

Henry Baker

It was supposed to be a regular guys' fishing trip off the coast of Santa Cruz, California, but thanks to one fisherman's camera skills and some unexpected visitors, there was nothing "regular" about it. Mark Peters brought along his underwater camera, a GoPro Hero 2, to get some up-close and personal footage of albacore tuna. He even created a custom case for the camera and attached it to the fishing boat. As the boat traveled, the camera floated 45 feet in its wake and roughly 4 feet below the water's surface.

Peters and his buddies were reeling in the tuna and happily capturing the catches on film. Then, about 20 miles off the coast, a pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins came in for their close-up as well. The dolphins -- who look like they're smiling -- seem intrigued by the camera's lens and playfully dart in and out of the frame.

Peters didn't realize what he had until he watched the footage later with his family. He uploaded a video called "The Blue" to his Vimeo account, and it's gotten more than 100,000 views in only a few days. The manufacturer of Peters's camera even made his dolphin encounter its "video of the day" on Facebook.

Peters's video is not without controversy. Some viewers have questioned how the magical images could have been created without the help of computer animation. Says Peters in response, "If it was CGI, I'd be working for George Lucas tomorrow."

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