An Excellent Weekend for Super Mario Remixes

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An Excellent Weekend for Super Mario Remixes

A couple of Super Mario-inspired videos are becoming super popular online.

First up is a spoof that combines the video game character with Jerry Seinfeld. The comedian has been in the news quite a bit as of late. He reunited with Jason Alexander and Larry David for a skit that aired during the Super Bowl. Last week week, Seinfeld became the first comedian to perform on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Now, the New Yorker’s iconic TV show is receiving the parody treatment thanks to Mario and his fellow characters.

Mario Seinfeld – A Parody About Nothing” starts off with the Mario theme as if the same people who composed the Seinfeld open were playing it. We are then brought in to Mario’s apartment, which looks strikingly similar to Jerry’s. There, Mario is talking with Toad – presumably the “George Costanza” of the bit.

Apparently Toad just broke up with a woman and Jerry, I mean Mario, can relate.

“She gave you the ‘It’s not you, it’s-a me’ routine?” Mario yells in a voice that definitely sounds more Seinfeld than the character from the game. “I invented the ‘It’s not you, it’s-a me’ routine!”

With a sound effect from the iconic video game and a swagger reminiscent of Kramer, in comes Luigi. The Princess got kidnapped again by “Bowzer, from down the hall.” After arguing that he didn’t feel like rescuing her, Luigi reminds Mario that he’s Player 1, so he has to. They leave and Toad yells, “Hello? Toad’s getting upset!”

Esquirebob Animations created and uploaded the skit to YouTube on Thursday. It has over 200,000 views and commenters calling for it to become a series.

The second video involving Mario has over 1.4 million views. Li Jin Li performed the Super Mario theme song at the National Concert Hall in Taipeion, Taiwan. The performance itself is impressive. Li accurately plays both the music and the sound effects heard throughout the game.

But her feat is considered even more impressive because the song was played on an instrument that dates back to 1100 BC. It’s called the Sheng, and is considered one of China’s oldest instruments.

The clip was posted by YouTube user nsofilm. Viewers are calling the video “amazing” and “epic.” Sahith Krishna may have put it best, saying that about a minute in, “i felt like i was playing the game (sic).”

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