American Airlines Loses Passenger’s Cat, Mystery Spy Drone Crashes in Pakistan, Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Bumps Record

Adriana Diaz

One woman's attempt to get her lost cat back has the web buzzing. It started when American Airlines lost Karen Pascoe's cat Jack as she boarded her flight to L.A. from New York's JFK airport last week. Jack escaped his kennel shortly after being checked in, and he is still missing. Pascoe's sister then created a Facebook page for the cat, which has gained nearly 1,500 "likes." The outrage has spread to Twitter, where the #findjackthecat hashtag is picking up steam. American Airlines responded and apologized, updating its Facebook page with its efforts to find Jack and offering to fly Pascoe back to New York to search herself. The attention from American Airlines is surprising. A customer service organization called STELLAService ranked American Airlines last in terms of response time to customer tweets and calls during Hurricane Irene. According to the report, American Airlines did not respond to any tweets about its service and was the slowest airline to answer customer calls. During the hurricane, American Airlines customers were put on hold for an average of 1 hour and 32 minutes. The report says that Delta responded to all customer tweets and kept passengers on hold for an average of 14 minutes. US Airways topped the list in terms of customer service, answering calls in about 2 and half minutes and responding to 16.7 percent of tweets. What do you think about American Airlines' response to Jack the cat? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

A mystery spy drone that looks like a bird and crashed in Pakistan has the Web stumped. This unpiloted drone was allegedly surveying the Pakistan-Afghan border. Pakistan claims the drone is American, but it looks nothing like any drones the U.S. military says it flies. It's much smaller than most American drones, with a wingspan about the size of a man's extended arms. Different theories about the mystery drone are popping up across the Web. Some say it's a modified drone, while others believe it's a "smartbird" drone. However, when compared side by side, the drone in question and the "smartbird" drone look completely different. Whatever it is, the mystery is now in the hands of Pakistan's Frontier Corps.

Lastly, all singer Beyoncé had to do to set a new Twitter record was rub her stomach. After her performance on MTV's Video Music Awards, Beyoncé revealed her pregnancy to the world by showing her baby bump. That triggered a torrent of tweets, and "Beyonce" quickly started trending on Twitter. Beyoncé news that night spread at a staggering 8,868 tweets per second, that's more than were sent during other highly tweeted events like Osama bin Laden's death, any Super Bowl, and the Japanese New Year. The Beyoncé tweets even shattered the previous record set during the 2011 Women's World Cup final when 7,196 tweets were sent per second. That wasn't the only record broken that night. The VMAs also set a ratings record for MTV. The show clocked in 12.4 million viewers, which is more than any other show in the network's 30-year history.