Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Girl Grow From Baby to Pre-Teen

Melissa Knowles
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A time-lapse video of a girl growing from an infant into a 12-year-old has people talking all over the Web. Frans Hofmeester shot weekly videos of his daughter, Lotte, and combined them to show how she changes over the years in a video called 'Portrait of Lotte.' The video was voted up on the social news sharing site Reddit.

First posted on April 17, 'Portrait of Lotte' has been viewed more than 784,000 times, with people complimenting Hofmeester for taking the time to document his daughter's growth. He even captured the loss of Lotte's two front teeth, and people have been sharing their own stories of the childhood milestone. Lotte's hair, mood, and personality change as she blossoms right in front of the camera.

Hofmeester has written that he is "totally overwhelmed" by the number of views his video is receiving and that it "makes [him] very happy."

A filmmaker and an artist who lives in the Netherlands, Hofmeester is also making a video of Lotte's younger brother, Vince, who is 9 years old.


McDonald's is supersizing itself. The fast-food giant announced that it will open a temporary location in London this summer -- just in time for the Olympic Games -- and it will be the largest McDonald's in the world.

The new restaurant will seat 1,500 people. Early projections estimate that 3 million customers will buy 50,000 Big Macs and 180,000 servings of fries during the location's limited run. The opening ceremony for the Olympics will take place on July 27, and Mickey D's will be ready to go.

Reaction to the news has been somewhat negative. McDonald's is one of the official sponsors of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, and several people on Twitter have commented that the sponsorship seems like a contradiction. One person referred to it as a "joke," with others voicing concern about how eating too much food from McDonald's would keep people from ever being able to compete at an Olympic level.

The location will be open for only about six weeks, closing its doors after the Paralympic Games end on September 9.