Amazing 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Cover Performed on Ancient Chinese String Instrument

Henry Baker

"Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses is a beloved power ballad, never far from being played at a karaoke night or wild get-together. There are countlesscovers of the song out there, but it's safe to say none like Vancouver resident Michelle Kwan's. In a recent video, Kwan plays "Sweet Child" on a guzheng, an instrument invented 2,000 years ago, which she has been playing for 12 years now. And if the song is not going to be played on an electric guitar, the guzheng does the job. Kwan is able to play multiple pieces of the song flawlessly, and YouTube viewers and commenters are eating it up. More than 180,000 people have seen the video in two weeks, and commenters are writing things like "Facemelted!" and "this is so good it's almost sick." Kwan says that she wanted to put a modern twist on an instrument that is known mostly for playing traditional songs, and she's actually taking requests for new songs to learn on her YouTube page. She also hopes to parlay her newfound fame to someday perform with Guns N' Roses. Your move, GN'R.

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