Al Sharpton, Hunger Games Box Office, Mushroom Picking: What’s Spiking (Friday)

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  • French Gunman: Mohamed Merah, 23, died Thursday after a 32-hour gunfight with police. He allegedly murdered three Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi, and three French paratroopers, and filmed three of his killings.
  • George Zimmerman: The man responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin has been expelled from Seminole State College. Related searches: Arrest George Zimmerman T Shirt, Arrest George Zimmerman Petition, Ethnicity of George Zimmerman
  • Salinas Counselor: Salinas High School drug and alcohol counselor, Gilbert Olivares was arrested on child pornography charges after police found 14 sex videos, shot with a hidden cell phone, of Salinas High students on his computer.
  • Daniel Coleman FMLA: The Supreme Court "refused to let Daniel Coleman sue the Maryland State Court of Appeals for damages for firing him after he asked for sick leave." —Associated Press


  • Louisiana Education Bill: The controversial reform bill proposed by Governor Bobby Jindal passed in a post-midnight session late Thursday night.  The bill will instate voucher programs and do away with teacher tenures. The Republican primary takes place in the state this Saturday.  Related Searches: Bobby Jindal, Louisiana primary
  • Anna Gristina: The lady of the evening claims to have had sex with John Edwards.



  • Aripiprazole Abilify: An anti-psychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, pediatric autism, agitation and aggression. A new report shows that four negative reports were never published in professional journals during the FDA approval process for this class of drugs, leaving psychiatrists without possibly critical information.
  • Barkley Lake Crappie: The warm weather has significantly impacted the fishing conditions of the Kentucky and Barkley lakes.
  • Baldness Cure: University of Pennsylvania researchers have identified the chemical in the scalp that stops hair growth. Three-quarters of searches hail from men, and 25% from empathetic women. Related searches: treatment for baldness, new cure for baldness, best hair loss solutions



  • The Host: The teaser trailer for "Twilight" series author Stephanie Meyer's new sci-fi thriller has been released.
  • Jarno Smeets: The viral video featuring the Dutch man as a flying bird is fake.
  • Ed Kashi Reflections: His new book is titled "Witness Number 8: Photojournalisms."
  • Anthony Bourdain: The Travel Channel's "No Reservations" star has a new app called "Travel Channel Layover Guide with Anthony Bourdain."
  • Stella McCartney: The British fashion designer debuts uniforms for the British Olympic Team uniforms, made by German manufacturer Adidas.


  • Erika Van Pelt: Even after her drastic makeover, the DJ/wedding singer is the first to be eliminated from "American Idol" Top 10. (Hey, she still gets to tour). Most searched remaining contenders: Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon, Heejun, Philip Phillips, and Elisa Testone. Related searches: American Idol Billy Joel, Haley Reinhart
  • Whitney Houston: The singer's autopsy reveals that she died from drowning, but heart disease and chronic cocaine use were also major factors. Toxicology results showed marijuana, Xanax, muscle relaxant Flexeril and allergy medication Benadryl were found in her system.
  • Hilary Duff: The former Disney Channel star welcomes baby boy, Luca Cruz Comrie.
  • Flour Bombed Kim: Reality star Kim Kardashian was flour-bombed at an event promoting her new perfume, True Reflection.
  • Kathy Bates: The actress will be playing the role of Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men."
  • Mark Wahlberg: The actor will be part of the US remake of "Headhunters."
  • Megan Piper: School bans porn star from attending prom.

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