Aerial Image of NYC As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Melissa Knowles

New York City is easily one of the most-photographed places in the United States, and an unusual new photograph is showing why. The picture, taken by Russian photographer Sergey Semonov, is a stitched-together panorama, a flattened version of the type of photographs that Semonov takes for the company he works for, AirPano.

The AirPano team collects its pictures by shooting from helicopters and then stitching the images together to create spherical panoramas. The company travels the world and calls its creations 360-degree virtual tours. New York is not the only place to make it to panoramic status. AirPano has also created 360-degree virtual tours of Brazil, India, Egypt, San Francisco, Peru, Toronto, and other locations. The images appear almost 3D but are not in perfect scale. Still, they're amazing.

Semonov wrote about his work on the AirPano site: "I shoot landscapes, spheres from helicopters, gig-pixel panoramas as well as manipulate Photoshop and prepare the photos to be printed in a huge size and organize photo-exhibitions. I like new, progressive, and unique things."

He's not the only one; others like his work, too. In fact, his panorama of New York City took first place in the Epson International Photographic Pano Awards in the amateur category.

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