Adorable Viral Kids Videos of the Week

Melissa Knowles

This would not be Trending Now if we did not show you viral videos. So this post is all about viral videos, but these kind are of the adorable variety.

The first is a YouTube post out of the U.K. uploaded by user Lee O'Donaghue. It shows an older sister imparting some wisdom to her younger brother, Gabriel. From what the little girl says and from Gabriel's body-language, it appears that he must have gotten into scuffle on the playground. His astute older sister, who appears to be no more than 5 or 6-years-old, tells him, "You're nearly three, you should toughen up a bit." She also encourages him to listen when their parents tell them what to do, "when mom and dad say 'don't do that,' you don't do that."

The video of the two siblings sitting on a park bench is well on its way to going viral with more than 155,000 views and counting in just a matter of days.

Then there's twin brothers MJ and AJ. Their mother shot a video of the boys eating spaghetti in high-chairs after a long day at the beach. The 22 month old's try so desperately to stay awake and finish their meal, but to no avail. Their exhaustion takes over, and their heads bobble and fall.

More tan 158,00 people have viewed MJ's and AJ's sleepy mealtime video so far. People on Twitter are big fans of the dozy twins. Our favorite tweet has to be this one from Lucas Witherspoon who wrote, "it's obviously pasta their bed times."

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