Adorable Video Shows Baby Falling Over From Laughter

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A laughing baby that gained a bit of popularity over the summer is back with a new video, and she is cuter than ever.

The girl is 15-month-old Nora from Nova Scotia, Canada. She goes by the nickname “Zeebs” and has a hard time keeping her balance when she laughs. In the new video, uploaded to YouTube yesterday, she almost seems to be playing peak-a-boo with a Frisbee. Off camera, her father Chris Poulain is making funny noises and other gestures to his daughter’s delight.

After about 20 seconds, Nora begins to wattle and falls almost flat on her face. Thankfully, it looks like she tumbled on to a carpeted area and wasn’t hurt.

That didn’t seem to be the case in the first video of the baby laughing and falling over. In July Nora was sitting on a hardwood floor watching her father juggle. Poulain was intentionally dropping the balls to get his daughter to laugh. Nora found this so funny that she tipped back, landing on the floor. That video has almost 50,000 views.

But Poulain tells us that thankfully, she has never hurt herself laughing. He does note that Nora tips over from simply finding something funny all the time.