Adorable Doggie Duo Teaches Chemistry

Melissa Knowles
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Quick! Name your favorite high school science teacher. Mine was Mrs. Culp. She taught 10th-grade chemistry, and she was fantastic. She was able to really connect with students and made chemistry digestible -- even edible, when we made rock candy. The one thing Mrs. Culp did not have? Canine companions as her teaching assistants. Yes, they do exist.

Lauren Curtis, a chemist who works for the Center for Veterinary Medicine, came up with an easy-to-understand and adorable way to teach chemistry by incorporating Paige, a Border collie, and Dexter, a mixed breed in a video. In "Dogs Teaching Chemistry," Paige and Dexter remain very well-behaved while demonstrating some aspects of chemical bonding. They also display the finer points of how a covalent bond works by sharing their toys, which substitute as electrons.

Curtis, who studied at American University, says that her passion is animals and she loves training her two dogs..

People who have viewed the video are big fans. One Twitter user wrote, "A chemistry class taught by dogs ... If only I had access to this type of teaching at school." Another tweeted, "The Internet is a brilliant place. Dogs teaching you chemistry." The video has already scored more than 23,000 views since being uploaded on Sunday. Let's hope that Paige and Dexter continue to share their wisdom in upcoming lessons.

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