Adorable Baby Donkey Learning to Walk Despite Premature Birth

Melissa Knowles
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Get ready to have your heart melt. Primrose the donkey was born prematurely near Shropshire, England, and her two front legs were not fully developed, so they could not support the weight of her body. Local British media even dubbed the 3-week-old foal the "Wonky Donkey" as a term of endearment and to describe the way she looked when she tried to stand or walk.

This is where Kate Maxwell and Zofia Lisowski, Primrose's veterinarians, stepped in and came up with a way to help her thrive. They gave Primrose a pair of hot pink casts to support her fast-growing body and get her up and walking. Maxwell spoke with the British TV station ITV saying, "We hope that in 10 days time the casts can come off and she will have made a full recovery. She's perfectly happy now. She can run around and jump. Even in the few days that Primrose has been with us we've seen a great improvement in her condition."

So much for donkeys' reputation for being stubborn and difficult to deal with. Looks like Primrose is about ready to kick that old idea to the curb.