Adorable 3-Year-Old’s Adventurous Palate Will Whet Your Appetite

Melissa Knowles

Parents with picky eaters may want to listen up. Perhaps a finicky child might be more open to trying new foods after watching a little girl in Japan who's taking the Web by storm. Rino, at 3 years old, energetically enjoys eating foods from around the world that are prepared by her mother.

The series of videos on YouTube that little Rino appears in, "Rino which eats world various dishes," has become a hit. One of her videos has received more than 170,000 views, and her others continue to draw in an audience as well. There are 19 videos in the series so far, and the series has tallied more than 440,000 views.

Little Rino has made quite a name for herself through her mature palate and appetite for the dishes her mother prepares. The videos serve as a bit of a cooking demonstration. To help viewers learn more about the foods Rino is enjoying, the flag of the country of origin for each dish is displayed in the background, on a computer monitor.

Rino is featured enjoying British scones, Italian tiramisu, Korean bibimbap, and many more. But she's not the only star in her family. Her baby brother, Yuuma, makes a few cameos in the videos, and he's just as cute as his older sister.

Several people have commended the children's parents for exposing them to different types of foods so early in their lives. One commenter wrote, "Awww she's adorable! I think it's great that you're letting her try different types of food at an early age."

Looks like Rino and Yuuma's parents are on to something. As the saying goes, don't knock it till you try it.

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