Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham Shows Off Extreme Wheelchair Stunts in Stunning Video

Henry Baker

Aaron Fotheringham was born with spina bifida, and started using a wheelchair full time at age 8. He would visit a skate park with his older brother, who one day suggested that he use his chair on some of the park's ramps. Thus began Fotheringham, a.k.a "Wheelz'" lifelong passion for what he calls WCMX (think BMX, but in a chair.) In a recent video, directed by Devin Graham, we see how not only is Wheelz' chair not a hindrance, but is actually an incredibly awesome vehicle for some gravity-defying stunts. The chair is actually a custom-made, 4-wheel suspension version made by Box Designs, which Fotheringham describes as "pretty much indestructible."

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It seems like it should be, because most of the stunts this guy performs are insane. As for practicing for these death-defying acts? Wheelz uses a pit full of rubber before transitioning to the actual skate ramp, but has said of practice, " I don't think of it as practice, I think of it as a fun way to live my life."

The video on YouTube is growing in popularity, with more than 65,000 views now, but will surely grow as more people see how awesome Wheelz can be.

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