A New Way to Eat Goldfish

Henry Baker

Goldfish crackers are "the snack that smiles back," according to the advertising. It is indeed hard not to like eating the little guys by the tens or even hundreds (like I do). But you may smile for a whole new reason thanks to the delightful high jinks and dexterity featured in a new Vine video. The vine is called "Fun on the Treadmill" and is exactly that. In it, a young man tries out some new ways of cramming the golden crackers into his mouth.

Vine user Savannah has gotten a lot of attention from the Vine community for herPac-Man-like friend. The vine originally gained notice on Reddit'sGIFs forum, where a user even made an infinite GIF of the man's antics. The vine itself has received more than 187,000 likes and 200,000 revines. It has even had a bunch of copycat Goldfish fans who wanted to try their hand at it, mostly ending in disappointment. So keep in mind, don't try this at home unless you are a professional.