A 1-Year-Old Reacts to March Madness, and It's Adorable

Ralphie Aversa

March Madness is not solely about office bracket pools and school allegiances. The 64-team NCAA Tournament is an annual celebration of sports and the student-athlete. This is all embodied in a viral video of a 1-year-old taking in the action with his dad.

Dustin Sandoval is a big UCLA fan and must be thrilled that the Bruins reached the Sweet 16 for the first time in six seasons. But his "One Shining Moment" came while watching the New Mexico State-San Diego State game with his son, Wesley. It was a tight game, especially in a 4-13 seed matchup, but the higher-ranked Aztecs prevailed. Young Wesley obviously enjoyed the madness.

Throughout the 46-second clip, the 1-year-old claps his hands, cheers, and screams "Ooh!" at the TV as the game progresses. His father is right by his side to point out the action, and Wesley happily reacts to each dribble, pass, and shot.

As if the video could not be any cuter, Wesley is wearing a shirt that reads "Be Awesome Today" and stands on the bed next to his father for the clip's duration. Sandoval writes in the video's description that it is his son's first time watching the tournament, adding that it's "Safe to say, he's a fan."

The clip was uploaded to YouTube on Friday and already has north of 50,000 views. Many commenters predict that young Wesley is destined for basketball stardom himself. Perhaps, if nothing else, a career in sports commentary is also in his future.