9-Year-Old Girl Sings Amazing Rendition of 'Frozen' Song

Ralphie Aversa
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Annelise Forbes is the latest child with singing talent that is capturing the attention of not just a vast YouTube audience, but the national media as well. The nine year-old is gaining popularity for her cover of “Let It Go.” Idina Menzel originally performed the song, which comes from the soundtrack to the movie “Frozen.” The album already has its own notoriety; it’s the first Disney musical score to top the Billboard 200 chart since 1995’s “Pocahontas.”

But before anyone prematurely anoints Annelise as “the next superstar,” let’s just appreciate her skill for what it is. We should also consider the fact that according to her mother, Annelise did not take a formal voice lesson until yesterday.

“She’s been singing since she could talk,” Tamara Forbes told us from the family’s home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. “She sings around the house constantly, even when we’re trying to get ready for school.”

The nine-year old does participate in her school’s choir. Every year, Annelise records a Christmas album for her parents with the help of her uncle.

“We were quite touched by it,” Tamara said. “We wanted to share it with our family overseas and different friends in our community.”

Tamara and her husband Brad figured the easiest way to send the performance around would be to upload it to YouTube. Soon, people inside their immediate circle weren’t the only ones sharing the video.

“We were caught quite off guard,” the mother noted of the massive response to Annelise’s cover. The video has over 100,000 views and a number of talk shows have reached out to her about booking Annelise.

All of the outpouring of support is for a young girl who visited with a vocal coach for her first time just yesterday in nearby Burlington. Tamara said that prior to this week, dance class was her daughter’s main extracurricular activity. The family debated voice lessons, but didn’t want to put too much in Annelise’s schedule.

“We’re only presenting her with as much as necessary,” Tamara said of the parents’ game plan for dealing with their daughter’s overnight fame. “We don’t want to overwhelm her or make her anxious. We want her to have a normal childhood.”

But that hasn’t stopped the mother from enjoying this moment in Annelise’s life.

“Of course, every parent thinks their child is special,” she said. “But it’s very emotional to see others share that thought with you about your child.”