9-Year-Old Philanthropist’s ‘Make a Stand Lemon-Aid’ to Hit Store Shelves

Melissa Knowles

Remember the story of the girl who wanted to do whatever she could to help enslaved children? Well Vivienne Harr is a pintsize philanthropist who has raised more than $300,000 to help fight child slavery--all with the money she generated from a lemonade stand she set up outside her home near San Francisco.

Vivienne was inspired to do something after she saw an image of two young slave boys in Nepal who were carrying stones with their heads. Now, just months after raising hundreds of thousands in money to end human trafficking, Vivienne's cause is taking a new turn. The 9-year-old's organic, fair-trade lemonade will be hitting the aisles of grocery stores. Make a Stand Lemon-Aid' is set to be bottled and distributed in April.

Vivienne released a message on her website saying, "after 173 days of selling lemonade, I reached my goal of freeing 500 slaves, and waking up the next morning, I wanted to do more." And do more, she has. Vivienne explains, "These kids are being robbed of hope, and I'm going to give it back to them. We can give it back to them." Her new mission? Bottling up her lemonade and giving all of her profits to end child slavery.

Vivienne asks people to pay what's in their hearts for her Lemon-Aid, just like she does at her stand. Each bottle will come with its own collectible "lem-gem." By collecting 150 of them, Vivienne says that you've actually freed a child slave.

Vivienne's father, Eric, says they are in talks with major retailers like Whole Foods to carry Make a Stand Lemon-Aid and that all proceeds of the now famous lemonade will go toward the anti-trafficking charity Not for Sale.

Vivienne said of her mission, "We're just going to keep raising awareness until it's abolished." Thanks to Vivienne's kind heart and the generosity of strangers, the sweet lemonade will do more than quench someone's thirst-- it will change people's lives.

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