70-year-old's Reaction to Riding a Roller Coaster for the First Time Is Awesome

Ralphie Aversa
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A 70-year-old Dutch woman rode a roller coaster for the first time recently, and her laughter and joy in the video is contagious.

Ria Van den Brand took part in "Firsts," a campaign commissioned by overseas telecommunications provider Vodafone. The company aims to help people try things out and then gives them the chance to tell the stories behind their experiences.

Ria, along with 71-year-old An Bernaards, was scheduled to fly in an airplane for the first time. To prepare, An used a flight simulator, while Ria decided to try out a roller coaster.

"Here we go!" she screams as her ride takes off. For about the next 30 seconds, Ria looks and sounds like she is having the time of her life. The 70-year-old's hands do not leave the handlebar in front of her, but she smiles and laughs continuously as the coaster tumbles around the track.

Her laughter goes on for another 10 seconds after the car is stopped before she asks her granddaughter, "Is my hair still OK?" Clearly she is unfazed by her first roller coaster ride.

Both women then boarded their first flight, which was on a private jet. Ria and An were astonished at the incredible views from the air as they sipped champagne and experienced a tiny bit of turbulence. When the jet landed in Barcelona, An videoconferenced with her husband.

"It was really nice," she told him through her tears. "It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it."

But in addition to having her first plane experience, it also seems that An found a new friend.

"And the other lady's so kind," she added.