7-Week-Old Hears for the First Time in Moving Video

Richard Cazeau
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7-Week-Old Hears for the First Time in Moving Video

The worlds of TV, movies, music, and basic human communication all rely on the innate physical abilities to see and hear. But how many people actually recall their reaction to hearing sound for the very first time? This moment was captured in a heartwarming video of Lachlan Lever of Victoria, Australia, when he received the gift of hearing after getting hearing aids at just 7 weeks old. Lachlan has had moderately severe sensorineural hearing impairment in both ears since birth.

In the video, the blue-eyed beau isn't thrilled about having the hearing aids placed into his ear canals. But his reaction to hearing the voices of his parents, Michelle and Toby, for the first time is definitely priceless. And two very elated parents decided to share their happiness with the world.

Although the actual event dates back to July 2012, the Levers posted the video to YouTube only in late August, and the emotional moment has since received almost 2 million views. The video has also garnered attention on Facebook, with more than 325,000 likes and 527,000 shares since it was initially posted in November 2012.

Loving mother Michelle Lever hopes that the uplifting footage of her son's experience will help reassure other parents in similar situations of a positive outcome, saying, "I want them to realize that there is a lot of support and help available to them."

Lachlan, who is now 2 years old, has been working with speech therapists in Victoria, Australia, and he's currently on par with other children his age in terms of his learning development.