Six Weeks of Travel in 60 Seconds, A Man Goes Nuclear In His Kitchen, and a Controversial Product Ban

Adriana Diaz
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Remember the book and movie "Eat, Pray, Love" (the book was better)? Well, now three guys are having a go with videos called "Move, Learn, Eat." To make the videos, Australian independent filmmaker Rick Mereki traveled with two buddies for 44 days through 11 countries. In all, the gang logged 38,000 miles on 18 flights. In the video called "Move," actor Andrew Lees walks across the world through the magic of stop motion. I am obsessed with this video. The video "Eat" takes you around the world one bite at a time. It's like an international potluck where Lees eats everything from Spanish paella to American corn dogs. The last video, "Learn," might be the most heart-wrenching. Lees learns crafts, dances, martial arts, and cooking from Brazilian Capoera to Italian glass. The videos, which were commissioned by STA Travel Australia, have gotten more than 2 million views in two days. Across social media, people say the breathtaking videos have given them wanderlust. One person was so inspired that he tweeted, "This makes me feel like I should get off the sofa." Some are comparing the videos to the "Where The Hell Is Matt" videos where a man dances his way around the world. What do you think about the videos? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

One man from Sweden has gotten worldwide media attention after being arrested for trying to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. Richard Handl, a do-it-yourself scientist, explained on his blog how he used household items like clock hands, marbles, and smoke detectors to build the reactor. Handl even blogged about having a small nuclear meltdown in his kitchen sink. He got caught because he called the Swedish radiation authority to ask if what he was doing was legal, and it called the cops. But people on social media are still impressed with Handl's effort. One person tweeted, "it's quite remarkable what one can produce from the kitchen with a little effort." If convicted, Handl faces up to 2 years in prison.

The University of Tennessee bookstore has stopped selling controversial breath mints called "Dissapointmints" that show a picture of President Obama on the box. The breath fresheners were yanked from shelves after a local representative named Joe Armstrong told the public university store they were offensive. Armstrong said, "when you operate on state and federal dollars, you ought to be sensitive to those type of politically specific products." The bookstore director explained they had never gotten a complaint about the mints or about other items in the store that poke fun at Sarah Palin and former President George W. Bush.

You can watch the full version of the "Move" video here:

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.