Is a 5-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Too Good to Be True?

Melissa Knowles
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The newest talent making waves on the Internet comes in an unexpectedly small package. A video of a 5-year-old piano prodigy from Hong Kong is officially viral, with more than 1 million hits on YouTube. His father, Andy Lee, films as the little boy plays complicated classical music on the piano, mature beyond his years.

The clip has even made the front page of the social news site Reddit, because so many people are talking about the 5-year-old and sharing his video. His performance has generated lots of fans, with one person saying "he is so cute and talented and dramatic." But some people think the little boy is just too good to be true. Many commenters are calling the kid a phony. One naysayer wrote, "I'm calling CGI on this one. This kid isn't real." Another says, "I don't even know how his hands can do that at his age."

Well, whether the video is real or fake, be your own judge and watch this kid. At the very least, you'll get to see his enthusiasm for playing the piano. Plus, his showman skills, his flair for the dramatic, and his blazingly fast little fingers skimming over the keys are entertaining all on their own.