5-Year-Old Joyfully Narrates His Mountain Bike Adventure

Melissa Knowles
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Most of us learned how to ride a bike when we were in elementary school, and it had training wheels. But remember what it felt like when the training wheels were removed, and you rode for the first time, slightly hesitant at first, but more confident as the ride went on? If you don't remember, there's a viral video to remind you that features a young boy named Malcolm. Lucky for us, Malcolm is wearing a helmet camera, and we get to experience the sensation as if it's the first time for all of us.

As Malcolm follows his dad down the Hellion Trail in Highland Park, New Hampshire, you can hear the pure joy in his voice. The journey of Malcolm and his father continues through the twists and turns, hills and valleys, of the challenging downhill ride. There's even a part where Malcolm takes a tumble and falls off the bike, but he's not discouraged.

The video became a huge hit on Reddit's front page, where people made comments like "Got up, dusted off, got right back on the bike. This warms my heart a little." Many viewers on YouTube, where the video has already exceeded 100,000 views, are praising Malcolm's father. One person wrote, "What a great dad! Showing your child the great outdoors and then not babying him throughout his journey but making sure he's safe the whole way through."

This is not the only video that Malcolm and his dad have made. Under the name "mainehaole" on YouTube, there are at least eight other helmet-cam videos featuring the adventures of Malcolm and his dad.

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