4 Extremely Well Behaved Dogs Pray Before Eating

Ralphie Aversa
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4 Extremely Well Behaved Dogs Pray Before Eating

So, four dogs sit together in a Chinese kitchen. No, that is not the start of an awful joke, but rather the premise for a YouTube video with almost 90,000 views.

The pets featured in the clip are a poodle, a yellow lab and two golden retrievers. All of the dogs sit in front of a bench as a woman in the background prepares their meal. Just before the food is placed in front of them, the woman instructs them to bow their heads. The animals obediently keep their heads lowered as she says a quick prayer. Once she concludes with "Amen," all of the dogs lift their heads and begin to eat.

And they're are just getting started. When the dogs finish, they lick their bowls empty, pick them off the bench and hand them to the owner -- dogs that pray, eat and clean up after themselves.

The video came from China, and naturally viewers are astounded by it.

"I am dumb founded," Dennis Dougherty commented. "Bravo on you!!!!"

Other people are simply calling the dogs "cute" or saying how the animals' actions made them happy.

Somewhere, Cesar Millan is smiling. There is probably also a parent watching and asking, "Now, how can I get my kids to do that?"