32-Year-Old Filmmaker Interviews 12-Year-Old Self

Melissa Knowles
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Twenty years ago, 12-year-old Jeremiah McDonald made a video in which he had a conversation with his future self. Now 32 and a filmmaker, McDonald was able to complete the interview by seamlessly adding new footage to create a working dialogue.

Throughout their conversation, the two Jeremiahs discuss childhood pets that are no longer around and action figures they once possessed. Toward the end, young Jeremiah asks current Jeremiah if he's still drawing. It's a touching moment that has him wondering why he gave up his dream of becoming an illustrator to pursue filmmaking.

The video is a YouTube hit, accumulating more than a million views since being posted a day ago. Reaction is leaning toward the positive, with one person calling the interview "absolutely brilliant."

However, because the piece seems so well orchestrated, some viewers are questioning its authenticity. In response, McDonald tweeted, "If I was going to fake it, I would've written it differently. But I was locked into what I improvised 20 years ago."

There's no word yet if McDonald has plans for more videos.


An Irish woman was reunited with her adventurous lost dog Wednesday thanks to Twitter. Deirdre Anglin first noticed Patch, her Jack Russell terrier, was missing Tuesday evening. Anglin posted messages on Facebook alerting friends to his disappearance. Meanwhile, Patch made his way to the nearby rail station in Kilcock, County Kildare, and boarded the Wednesday morning commuter train.

Passengers brought him to the attention of train agents, and the conductors nicknamed him Checker, joking that maybe he was trained to check passengers' tickets. After no one claimed him at the final stop, Irish rail administrators tweeted Patch's picture along with the words "Lost dog!"

The post was retweeted more than 500 times, including by several of Anglin's friends. Less than a half-hour later, she tweeted a reply, "That's my dog! I'll call the station now!" Patch and Anglin were soon reunited, and she tweeted pictures and updates on their way home.

Naturally, Patch has become a local celebrity. Anglin's sister even created a Twitter account for Patch. On it he tells his followers about his adventures and reaction to being back home, "Staying where I am. Got a bit sidetracked the other day. Thought I was big and brave."