17-Pound-Lobster Off the Menu at Connecticut Restaurant Thanks to Hero Customer

Mia Trovato

Don MacKenzie racked up quite a bill at a Waterford, Connecticut, restaurant, but he didn't eat a thing. MacKenzie "ordered" a 17-pound lobster that had become known as "Lucky Larry" specifically to save the crustacean from facing a steamy melted-butter-and-lemon-filled demise. MacKenzie figures Lucky Larry must be close to 80 years old given his size, and felt he deserved to be returned to the waters to live out the rest of his days.

Said MacKenzie, "This lobster has seen World War I, World War II, seen the landing on the moon and the Red Sox win the World Series. He's made it this far in life. He deserves to live."

MacKenzie took Lucky Larry out on his boat Tuesday and sent him off into the Long Island Sound. As he did so the Niantic River bridge operator sounded his siren.

Perhaps inspired by MacKenzie's rescue operation, Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy plucked a 15-pound lobster from the Rough restaurant in Noank and released it into Mystic River.

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