16-Year-Old Does Masterful Elvis Impersonation

A French Canadian teenager is gaining fame on the Internet for doing one of the last things you would expect a French Canadian teenager to do: Impersonate Elvis Presley better than men much older than him.

David Thibault mimics “The King” professionally. He even competed in an Elvis impersonator show and uploads his Presley covers to YouTube. But the 16 year-old reached a whole new audience when he performed “Blue Christmas” for pop music radio station CKOI in Quebec. As the teenager strummed the final notes of the song, the show hosts immediately exclaimed “Wow!” and showered him with compliments in French. Thibault repeatedly said, “Thank you very much” – not in his Elvis voice though.

Commenters on the YouTube video note that when they close their eyes – it really does sound like Presley singing. Others have voiced disappointment that another guitar-playing teenage Canadian, Justin Bieber, rose to fame and Thibault is still relatively unknown. The cover of “Blue Christmas” has almost 600,000 views.

Thibault has performed almost every other Presley song with “Blue” in the title as well: “Blue Hawaii,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky” can all be heard on his YouTube channel. What classic should the teenager tackle next?