'Super Cool' German Supermarket Ad is Super Bizarre

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'Super Cool' German Supermarket Ad is Super Bizarre

A German supermarket commercial is gaining worldwide attention, and it has nothing to do with any shoppers' club discounts or products offered in the store.

Edeka is a large grocery chain in Germany. For its new advertisement, the store enlisted the help of 58-year-old Friedrich Liechtenstein. In 2013, the German entertainer was featured in a song by Der Tourist called "Supergeil." Playing off of that hit, Liechtenstein reworks some of the lyrics and randomly pops into various scenes of people preparing or eating food.

The song continuously repeats the word "super," to the point where it becomes borderline supercatchy. A translation of the lyrics unveils quite a bit of double entendre. Even the word "geil" has a dual meaning of both "cool" and "horny."

Throughout all of it, Liechtenstein offers up one bizarre scene after another. He dances in supermarket aisles, parties in a kid's bedroom, smokes a hot dog as if it were a cigar, and bathes in milk.

And those are just a few of the highlights.

Naturally, the video ends with Liechtenstein at the checkout counter, admiring the frozen foods and toilet paper he picked out on his trip. Then, several German models posing as grocery store workers surround him.

The new production is called "EDEKA Supergeil," and it has been viewed over two million times. It is garnering a reaction that is similar to that of another very popular foreign music video. Perhaps one YouTube commenter summed it up best:

"Gangnam Style, eat your heart out."

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