"Ram Screaming Like a Human" Video Delivers on Promises

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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 Over the past few months, or maybe even years, web users have uncovered a shocking amount of footage pointing to a previously overlooked phenomena, if it can be called one: goats, rams, and other mammals, that sound like humans. Either they are all getting smarter, more human-like, or they just want to be part of a new viral meme. Today, we get the latest entry in the pantheon, thanks to Digg Videos. The video features a ram, or barbary sheep, as it notes, screaming like a human. And boy howdy does it. The video is now skyrocketing in popularity, with commenters writing horrific suggestions like, "I want to hear a chorus of yelling rams." A more understandable reaction, or perhaps tribute to the video, was commenter Linkzor24, who wrote, "AAARRRGGHHHHHHHHH." As with many YouTube videos, the rest of the comments don't bear repetition. What is it that causes this? Ram nature, or ram nurture? And since we are all suckers for a good "Animal X sounds like Thing Y" video, check out the other ones below. But don't say we didn't warn you! 
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