#LeBroning Is an Internet Craze Again After AC Breaks in Game 1

Ralphie Aversa
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The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat 110-95 Thursday night to take a 1-0 lead in the NBA Finals. However today most of the conversation surrounding the game seems to be centered on what happened in the arena but not necessarily on the hardwood.

During the first quarter of the contest, the air conditioning unit in the AT&T Center, where the Spurs play, broke. Throughout the game, spectators could be seen fanning themselves to try and cool down. Temperatures reportedly reached 90 degrees on the court.

And this may have affected the final outcome of the game. Players used towels, water, and ice packs to stay cool, and coaches made quicker substitutions throughout the game to keep the team refreshed.

Then in the fourth quarter, Heat fans experienced what Head Coach Erik Spoelstra described as a "punch in the gut." With 3 minutes and 59 seconds to go, four-time MVP LeBron James asked for a substitution. For the second time in the game, James' cramps got the best of him. Despite lobbying his coach to go back in, the star forward did not return.

James' cramps were so bad that he had to be carried off the floor and to the bench by two players.

And with that, a new take on "LeBroning" was born.

Remember the last time we covered "LeBroning"? People were brushing up against each other and exaggerating the impact by falling to the ground. The Internet meme was meant to mock James for his alleged "flopping," or fake reaction to contact.

Basketball fans are having fun at James' expense again by posting photos of themselves with painful looks on their faces while being carried by two friends. The hashtag #LeBroning has been trending throughout the day on Twitter.

Sure, James' departure may have led to the Spurs ending the game with a 21-7 run and taking a one-game lead into Sunday's contest. But last year when these two teams faced off in the finals, the Heat lost Game 1 only to win the best-of-seven series in Game 7.

So if history is any indication, the next form of #LeBroning may involve another trophy hoist and champagne celebration.