Hilarious Video of Dog Pigging Wins the Internet

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So you’re bored at home on a snow day. You’ve already checked your e-mail, your Facebook newsfeed, your Twitter timeline, and watched our latest Trending Now episodes multiple times. Thanks for that, by the way.

You’ve already watched anything you might find remotely interesting on Netflix and have taken the dog out multiple times. Wait a minute, but the dog could provide some entertainment right? Have you played with the dog yet?

In this video, a dog named Fudge and its owner are having a lot of fun with a plate of food and some excellent dog-hand coordination. The owner and the Fudge share a hooded sweatshirt, with the human behind the dog. The person then uses their arms and hands as if they are attached to Fudge, feeding him food off a plate and mimicking mannerisms like wiping the dog’s mouth and adjusting his hood.

Earl Francis uploaded the clip to YouTube but tells us that he actually found it on his Facebook newsfeed. We now know how he spent his snow day.

Turns out Penny Padgett uploaded the original video to her Facebook profile page. It has been shared about 300,000 times.

“Bailey and I love this dog sooo much!!” she commented on the video post. “He puts up with us as long as there is food involved!!!”

Penny’s daughter filmed the video, while Penny shared the hoodie with Fudge and exhibited the excellent dog-hand coordination.