'Hat Parkour' Is Exactly As Hilarious and Ridiculous As It Sounds

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Even though it became a cliche on YouTube, so much so that "The Office" had a whole scene about it, parkour can still look pretty cool when the right person does it. Seeing people flying off of staircases and jumping onto balconies (these are the only things I can think of) kind of makes you want to get in really good shape and vault through your own neighborhood.

But for every cool parkour video, there's one that's um, different. And then, in a class all by itself, there's "hat parkour," Or, "Fedora Parkour." It is the creation of Clay Young, Daniel Woodin, and Andy Agee, three guys who "test their skills at random stuff that they think of off the top of their heads." They claim that their random tricks will "blow your head off," and they are about right, but maybe not for the right reason. The three gentleman toss hats around in lieu of traditional parkour, mostly due to what they claim are previous injuries. They claim they are trying to do fedora parkour in the most extreme places possible, from a fancy hotel to a backyard. They warn against kids doing the dangerous acts.

And actually, as easy as this is to make fun of, some of these moves are actually pretty cool! I don't know that I could throw a hat off of a staircase and have it land on someone's head, or at least it would take a couple takes. So congratulations gentlemen, even if it's not the most extreme thing in the world, at least it's unique.

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