'Gary the Goat,' Winner of Court Case, Taking Australia by Storm

'Gary the Goat,' Winner of Court Case, Taking Australia by Storm

Australia's latest celebrity infatuation doesn't just act like a goat; he is a goat. Meet Gary, an animal who travels with stand-up comedian Jimbo Bazoobi. Jimbo bills himself as "Australia's crudest comedian."

Well, he's definitely the most unusual.

According to his website, the comedian started off as a kids' party clown in the '90s. Then in 2004, he began touring with his comedy show.

About seven years later, Gary the Goat was born. At least that is what his Facebook page says. When Jimbo performs in Australia, Gary travels with him.

"I bought it for a case of beer … after a comedy gig," Jimbo told "Sunrise," an Australian TV morning show, last year. Was he joking? Maybe. "I just threw him in the car. He gets his own food. He follows me around, and he's a funny goat."

It was an incident during these travels that led to Gary's popularity and Facebook likes skyrocketing. In August of 2012, Gary the Goat landed Jimbo a $440 citation from Sydney police for allegedly "damaging vegetation without authority." According to police, the goat ate grass and plants outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Jimbo denied the charges, and the case was dropped after the court ruled Jimbo could not be held accountable for Gary's actions. The comedian argued in a letter posted on Gary's Facebook page that the whole ordeal was a big waste of police and court time.

But in the process, the letter went viral on Facebook and reached over 300,000 people. People began connecting with Gary on the site in droves. His fan page now boasts over 135,000 likes. Some of the most popular posts are videos of Gary and his owner simply interacting with other humans and animals. The page is also used to help promote where the comedic duo will be appearing next.