'Cinderoncé' video goes viral using Beyoncé's songs to tell story of Cinderella

Mia Trovato

There's a saying that goes, "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Beyoncé. Always be Beyoncé." And now it seems even Disney Princess Cinderella wants to be just like the pop diva. Music artist and former "American Idol" contestant Todrick Hall conceived the ultimate telling of the famous fairy tale through, you guessed it, Beyoncé songs. Check out the genius work titled "Cinderonce" on YouTube. Most of Beyoncé's top hits such as "Single Ladies" and "Diva" play out during the eight-minute video.

Thanks to the YouTube channel's 428,211 subscribers, "Cinderonce" has gone viral, getting more than 700,000 views so far. Hall seems to have a knack for putting a twist on the Cinderella classic. Last year his "Cinderfella" video with guest appearance by Lance Bass put the spotlight on gay rights by telling the story with a same-sex couple. His other wildly popular videos include "The Wizard of Ahhh's," with 2.8 million views, and "Disney Dudez," with 2.5 million views. We can't wait to see what Hall has up his sleeve next.