Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson backs Romney in GOP primary

Holly Bailey
April 1, 2012

MILWAUKEE—Mitt Romney won the backing of Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson on Sunday, scoring yet another big endorsement ahead of the state's Republican presidential primary Tuesday.

Johnson, who had initially indicated he would not endorse in the primary, is a major get for Romney. Elected in 2010, the freshman senator is a favorite of tea party supporters—a constituency Romney has been working hard to win over.

In an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press," Johnson said he decided to back Romney after meeting and having "long phone conversations" with the former Massachusetts governor in recent weeks.

"I've come away from those conversations fully convinced that Gov. Romney is the person to lead our party, to lead our nation," Johnson said. "He fully understands the gravity of our financial situation. He's dedicated toward solving those problems. He is ready, willing and able to lead this nation, unlike President Obama."

Johnson's endorsement comes just two days after Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan announced he was backing Romney in the Republican primary. Both lawmakers joined Romney at a pancake brunch here on Sunday afternoon.

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