White House: House vote to repeal Obamacare is everything Americans hate about DC

Olivier Knox
The Ticket

Why do Americans hate Washington? White House press secretary Jay Carney blamed House Republicans on Wednesday for the D.C. dislike, saying their decision to hold another vote to repeal President Barack Obama's landmark health care law was the sort of thing that makes voters scorn their government.

"The fact that the House of Representatives, Republicans, have voted for the 33rd time by my count, to either repeal or defund the Affordable Care Act, in a quixotic effort to score political points I think demonstrates exactly what people out in the country loathe about politics in Washington," Carney told reporters at his daily press briefing.

His comments came as the House held a largely symbolic vote to repeal Obamacare, the president's signature domestic policy achievement. Conservatives have made repealing the unpopular law one of their top political goals, and Mitt Romney has said he will work to kill it on Day One if he wins in November. Even in the unlikely event that the Democratic-held Senate was to approve its repeal, Obama would veto the legislation.

"We do not need to refight the battles of two years ago, and three years ago. We need to take steps to help the American people, the American economy, now," said Carney. "Casting these votes again, and again, and again -- it's probably on average once every few weeks -- does nothing to improve the bottom line for middle-class families."